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    Tuesday, September 26, 2017   /   by Marta Kaye Campanella

    Customer Testimonial

    Shawn and I were super excited to get down to Naples and start looking for our dream home. We weren't very familiar with all the areas of Naples so it was important we find someone with experience in the local areas and any new hot spots that were starting to grow. Thru sheer luck I got on line and found a website I liked navigating thru and sent them an email as someone who was in the market to buy. Very quickly that evening Marta contacted me. She was helpful from that very first phone call and extremely easy to talk too. We set up a time to get down to Naples and Marta met us at our hotel. She drove everywhere and made it easy for us to digest the places that she already had setup. It's nice when each of these visits go smoothly so we can see all we needed to see to make our decisions. Marta's team was well prepared. I felt like she was conscience of the time I had and I appreciated that. She made the visits fun and didn't push what she liked. She wanted us to be happy and pick whatn ...